Musical instrument insurance is often a consideration overlooked in the excitement of purchasing a beautiful instrument.

Most home contents policies provide cover for named items; however, you should check what cover your household policy will provide. Generally, instruments over £1000 will need to be added as a specified item to any household policy and you should make sure you have adequate cover. Also keep in mind the admin fees most household policies charge.

Household Insurance Checklist

Schools/College - Will your home insurance cover the instrument in places of education when left in a classroom or rehearsal room?

Newmoon will cover loss or theft from a classroom or music venue. Most household polices would require forcible and violent entry to occur which is not likely in an open education environment.

Do you teach or perform professionally and earn an income from these activities?

Household policies would normally classify this as commercial use and are unlikely to cover you in the event of a claim. Newmoon policies cover beginners, amateurs and professional musicians.

Is my instrument covered in a locked unattended vehicle?

Newmoon will cover your instrument whilst in a locked unattended vehicle.

If I purchase a new instrument or change instrument are there any admin charges with my household insurance?

Newmoon does not charge admin fees for any changes.

newmoon SERVICES

There are many advantages to having a policy with a specialist musical insurer. Newmoon provide a policy specifically tailored to musicians with premiums starting from £23 per annum reducing to £21.08 with the exclusive London Flute codes below:

As introducers for Newmoon, London Flutes have negotiated special discounts for new policyholders using one of the following voucher codes:

Instrument Value of £1500 or less

If your instrument is valued at £1500 or less, use code LF1M3 for one month free cover, via the Natural policy.

Instrument Value above £1500

For instruments values above £1500, use code LF12411 under the Harmonic policy to get 12 months' insurance for the price of 11.