Lillian Burkart 14K Gold Flute – Open Holes, B-Foot


Up for sale is a beautiful Burkart & Phelan flute (#08002).  Lillian Burkart is simply one of the most gifted piccolo and flute makers of all time.

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Lillian Burkart 14K gold flute, made in conjunction with her husband Jim Phelan flute in 2008.  Lillian Burkart is simply one of the most gifted piccolo and flute makers of all time. She began her career at the Powell factory, where she made bodies, keys and piccolos. She founded her own company in 1982 with her husband Jim Phelan, who has a superb knowledge of instrument design. During the 1980s, Lillian’s expertise and reputation for spectacular headjoints with Powell created the demand for flutes designed and built under her own name. In 1996, with the help of her husband’s engineering expertise, the Lillian Burkart flute was born. Since then, Burkart flutes have been at the cutting edge of flute-making innovation. Burkart flutes are known for their resonance, easy control, and extremes in tonal color and dynamic range

This particular flute was handmade in 14K Rose Gold model with sterling silver keywork and is #08002. It comes with open holes, drawn tone holes, offset G, split E and B-foot (with Gizmo). It has had one owner from new and was purchased from Just Flutes in 2008. We have completely stripped the flute, cleaned and buffed the body and keywork, repadded with Pisoni Lucien Deluxe pads and hand cut corks. It is in stunning condition and plays with a lush dark tonal quality, rich and full and is an absolute joy to play.