Tip Lamberson Solid Silver Flute for sale, 14K Gold Lip


Nathaniel “Tip” Lamberson (1922–2005), also known as “N.D. Lamberson”, was one of the premier American flute makers.

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Tip Lamberson Solid Silver Flute for sale. Open holes (Soldered) Nathaniel “Tip” Lamberson (1922–2005), also known as “N.D. Lamberson”, was one of the premier American flute makers. He made a total of 730 flutes from 1968 to 1985 , when he officially retired from the flute-making industry. He has also worked in conjunction with Jack Moore, creating 11 Lamberson-Moore models and I sold one of these a few years ago, a Jack Moore body with Lamberson keywork and it was a superb flute.


This particular flute is in beautiful restored condition and new Lucien Deluxe pads (Please note that any repadding is subjective and if you decide that you prefer different padding/adjustment then this is a personal choice). The silver is in beautiful condition with no dents. The headjoint has a 14K solid gold lip, the tone holes are soldered and inline with a B footjoint. It comes with the original wood case engraved with NDL (N.D.Lamberson), which does have a crack in it but functions and the original carrycase which is very worn. I do not know the exact age but I would say that it was in the late 1970’s. The pitch will be 440hz on a Cooper scale.

This is a rare flute and a beautiful example of American flute making history.