Yamaha 412 Solid Silver Flute – Closed Holes & C-Foot


The Yamaha 412 solid silver flute is the perfect upgrade for students as it features a solid silver headjoint, body and footjoint which gives a lovely warm sound and allows a student a much greater range of tonal colour .

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The Yamaha 412 solid silver flute is one of the most popular intermediate models on the market. Yamaha have long been the forerunner in student models and the most recommended make worldwide. The reliable quality of workmanship and solid construction means that their flutes tend to last a lifetime if well looked after.

For students looking to move up to a flute that will take them through Grade 8 and beyond, it is important to benefit from solid silver and the richness of tone it offers. The Yamaha 412 solid silver flute therefore is the perfect upgrade, offering a solid silver head, body and footjoint and a wider range of tonal colour than the basic silver plated student models. It also features the closed-holes, offset G and split E that students will already be comfortable with. The mechanism on the 412 has been upgraded from the previous 411 model and features French pointed key arms and has a light touch.

This particular flute is offered in beautiful condition with superb pads. It does not have any dents or scratches and comes with soft and hard carry cases. RRP £2,146