Monnig Bass Flute


The Monnig bass flute is known for its rich, mellow tone and deep resounding lower notes. Pitched in the key of C it is pitched one octave lower than the concert flute, playing from C3 to C6 (two octaves above middle C)

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MOENNIG BROS HANDMADE BASS FLUTE – Albert Cooper lip (#13788)


Gebruder Mönnig (Moennig Brothers) have been making woodwind instruments for over 100 years in Germany. Their work is of the highest quality using precision handmade craftsmanship. They are based in Markneukirchen, which is the home of many famous instrument makers in Germany. 

This Monnig bass flute is a fine example and it is a beautifully constructed flute with very heavy silver plating. It comes with a solid silver straight head with wings and plays beautifully and freely with a lush rich tonal quality. The interesting point about the headjoint is that the original lip has been replaced with a differently placed one with different wings. Speaking to the flute maker Andrew Oxley (who examined the head) he told me that he has seen this style of lip before. Albert Cooper remade a few of these Monnig bass flute heads, changing the lip to his own design. Albert felt that they were too high at the front and shallow at the back and so reversed this. He also added wider ‘whiskers’ or ‘wings’ to the lip and these factors and the shape and cut of the lip makes us certain that this is in fact an Albert Cooper lip. 

The condition of this flute is excellent with no dents and minor marks and has polished up very well by hand.  Pads are well seated and so we have not repadded but have serviced and adjusted the mechanism. This is a superb handmade flute and an excellent example of handmade German quality with British refinement. Age is unknown but I would estimate around 1960’s-1970’s.