Pearl Maesta MD925RBE/CGP Flute


The PF-795RBE Elegante flute is the first of Pearl’s handmade models and is a superb model for advanced students. It has very precise intonation and a brilliant and projecting sound, perfect for any venue size. 

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 Pearl Maesta MD925RBE/CGP (2023) Solid Silver, 22K Champagne Gold plated Flute. Open Holes, Drawn Tone Holes, Split-E and B-foot.

This model is the Pearl Maesta MD925RBE/CGP solid silver flute with 22K Champagne gold plating and the Vivace cut headjoint. The Maesta series is at the heart of the Pearl handmade flutes and has been the jewel in their crown for many years. Pearl are well known for their craftsmanship and ingenuity. The foundation of every Pearl flute is a patented Pinless construction, which eliminates the problems of traditional flute construction – protruding needles that snag clothing and give easy entry to perspiration and body acids causing corrosion and binding keys. Besides this unique pinless construction, Pearl flutes have additional bridge mechanisms that add strength to the entire mechanism.
The Vivace cut headjoint is a mixture of the Forte cut and the Vivo with a little more resistance than the Forte. The Forte is designed for large orchestras and concert halls. It is very responsive, and produces a dark centered tone and enables a wide dynamic spectrum throughout the entire range of the instrument. The Vivo is well balanced with an open and clear tone. This flute is only 6 months old and currently is for sale in the shops for around £8,000. Condition is perfect throughout. 
  • Maesta series 
  • Handmade
  • Silver headjoint, body and footjoint.
  • 22K Champagne Gold plated
  • Drawn tone holes
  • French pointed arms, Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction.
  • Off-set G key
  • B-Foot
  • E-mechanism
  • Open keys
  • Case included
This flute is a perfect upgrade for any advanced student wanting an upgrade to a professional  and above and will comfortably take them through their advanced grades and onwards to college. Offered at a substantial discount to the current high street price.