Yamaha YFL-581 Solid Silver Flute


The Yamaha 581 is a perfect upgrade for advanced students. It features an upgraded Type 4 mechanism, pointed key arms, solid silver body and footjoint which gives a lovely warm sound and allows a student a much greater range of tonal colour .

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Beautiful Yamaha YFL-581 Solid Silver Flute with Open Holes, Inline G, Pointed Key Arms, CY Cut Headjoint and C-Foot


For students looking to move up to a flute that will take them through Grade 8 and beyond, it is important firstly to benefit from solid silver and the richness of tone it offers. Advanced students will also be looking to move to open-holes and an inline mechanism allows for better hand positioning.  The Yamaha YFL-581 solid silver flute is a perfect upgrade for advanced students. It features an upgraded Type 4 mechanism, pointed key arms and gives a lovely warm sound and  greater range of tonal colour. It also features the open-holes that most students will look to advance to. This is an excellent semi-professional model that will last a lifetime.

This particular flute is offered in beautiful condition with no scratches or dents, fully overhauled with new Pisoni Lucien Deluxe pads/hand cut corks and comes ready to play. Should you need advice and assistance on suitability then please contact me and I will be glad to help, I am an experienced flautist with over 15 years experience providing flutes to players around the globe.

**NOTE REGARDING INLINE G AND B-FOOT – This set-up is for those students who do not have small hands and a good finger stretch. The inline G is only a half an inch difference in hand positioning but for young players or those with short finger stretch it may not suit. Adults and the majority of teenagers should have no difficulty and this is an advisable change – The offset G is there to specifically help with smaller hands and can promote lazy posture in those that do not require this help.